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    Gazillionaire is the award-winning business simulation game that everyone's talking about. Master the laws of supply and demand. Become a tycoon as you build your economic empire trading exotic goods. Outsmart your competitors in this sophisticated yet easy-to-play game of business strategy.

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    "Best Strategy Shareware Game of the Year"  PC Computing

    "Winner of the Golden Triad Award"  Computer Game Review

    "Shareware of the Year Awards Finalist"  Computer Gaming World

    Zapitalism combines beautifully rendered graphic images in a game of business strategy. You will be able to make deals with the eccentric inhabitants of Zapinalia, invest in stocks & bonds, corner the market and construct megastores. You can also venture out to explore the Archipelago of Mermadan in search of treasure and mysterious relics. The first player to build a retail empire and outwit the competition wins.

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    Profitania is a dynamic business simulation game, where your goal is to build a manufacturing empire. As prices fluctuate in real time, you'll get to buy up the best goods on the commodity exchange. Using these raw materials, you can manufacture products, make a tidy profit, and become an industrial tycoon!

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